F.Technologies Ltd.is a private company founded in 2004.

The company headquarters and Warehouse are located in Lowland and give solutions all over the country.


The company is the exclusive representative of world leading companies like:

RAYEN (Spain), MERY )Spain), AEROXON (Germany), ROLSER(Spain).


Rayen: The company is manufacturing and marketing home comfort products.

             It specializes in areas board , special packaging for clothing and home textile Washing and drying solutions,
convenience articles for the kitchen, bath amenities

             and all kind of cleaning accessory products

Mery : The company is manufacturing and marketing home cleaning accessory products such as pails,

           brooms, cloths, mops and various types of Floor rags.


Aeroxon: A leading company in Germany that produces pest control products for insects such as flies,

               moths,  etc… 

               Those products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


Rolser: The company is manufacturing of shopping trolleys in Spain, high quality and unique designs.

             More than 50 years of experience.     



We at F.Technologies believe that superior quality added to an attractive price bring great results to final customer as well as to the retailer.








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